Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
C (Numbers 179a - 285)

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179a. CADWALADER, LAMBERT. September 24, 1773, Phila. Jasper Yeates. ALS. Directs sale of plantation of one Glen in Cumberland County, a debtor to writer.

180. CADWALADER, THOMAS. May 10, 1817. William Rawle. ALS. Draft of an agreement, topic unspecified, probably concerning Perkasie Manor.

181. CADWALADER, THOMAS and WILLIAM MEREDITH. March 6, 1816, Phila. James Ross. Letter. Ross’s Fabulo Aesopi and his Greek Grammar are already being used by the beginning and advanced classes.

182. CALDWELL, CHARLES. October 1, 1811. Trustees. ALS. Request for the use of College Hall in Fourth Street for lectures in medicine.

183. CALDWELL, CHARLES. August 3, 1813. AD. Declining to be considered for the Chair of Materia Medica.

184. CALDWELL, CHARLES. December 6, 1816. ALS. Acceptance of the Professorship of Natural History, including Geology and Typology.

185. CALDWELL, CHARLES. July 4, 1820. Trustees. Memorandum. Resigning his position as Professor of Natural History and suggesting Dr. Thomas Say, now with the Missouri expedition, as his replacement.

186. CAMPBELL, FERDINAND S. n.d. [ca. 1818]. ADS. Testimonial for Robert Hare.

187. CAMPBELL, GUSTAVUS B. July 11, 1820, Charlottesville, Va. Philip Syng Physick. ALS. Requesting information on prerequisites to the study of medicine.

188. CANNON, JAMES. January 17, 1775, Phila. Thomas Tilghman, Philemon Tilghman. PDS. Receipt of payment for one quarter’s tuition, quills and ink.

189. CANTERBURY, THOMAS [SECKER], ARCHBISHOP OF, RICHARD [OSBALDESTON], BISHOP OF LONDON, S[AMUEL SQUIRE], BISHOP OF ST. DAVIDS, THOMAS PENN and BARLOW TRECOTHICK, five of the Trustees under Royal Patent dated 19 August 2 George III for a “publick Collection from House to House throughout the Kingdom” for the Benefit of the College, Academy and Charitable School of Philadelphia and the College of the Province of New York, to William Smith, Doctor in Divinity, and Sir James Jay, Knight, Doctor of Physick, the original petitioners, to settle the accounts of the collection, notably to receive proceeds from John Byrd, John Hall and John Stevenson, of Stafford, Gentlemen. [signed] Tho. Cant. (seal, mutilated), Ric. London (seal, mutilated), S. St. Davids (seal, mutilated), Tho. Penn (seal, mutilated), Barlow Trecothick (seal, mutilated); and by witnesses Chris: Hargrave, Tho. Parry, Wm. Dickes, Richd. Nelson, Richard Beadon, Thos. Allen, David Chevaux, William Salmon, John Thomlinson, Jnr., T. Apthorp. 13 May 1763. Verso: Receipts of 23 June 1763 by William Smith and James Jay and 4 August 1763, 10 February 1764 and 4 April 1764 by Smith.

190. CANTERBURY, THOMAS [SECKER], ARCHBISHOP OF, ROBERT [HAY DRUMMOND], BISHOP OF YORK and JOHN [THOMAS], BISHOP OF WINCHESTER, THE REVEREND SAMUEL CHANDLER and THE REVEREND WILLIAM SMITH, Trustees under Royal Patent dated 19 August 2 George III for the “publick collection” from house to house for the Colleges of Philadelphia and New York, power of attorney, to The Honorable Thomas Penn, of Spring Gardens, Co. Middlesex, Esq., and Barlow Trecothick, Esq., Alderman of London, to receive proceeds of the collection taken by John Byrd, John Hall and John Stevenson, of Stafford, Gentlemen, Collectors of the Letters Patent. [signed] Tho. Cant. (armorial ecclesiastical seal), R. Ebor. (armorial personal seal), J. Winton (armorial ecclesiastical seal), Sam. Chandler (armorial personal seal), Will: Smith (personal seal, mutilated); and by witnesses John Birkett, George Northover, Dan: Burton, D.D., Edwd. Pearson, N.P., John Dunne, William Tatnall, Stephn. Roe, Edw:d Cahill. 13 April 1764. Verso: Receipt 3 May 1765 [signed Tho. Penn; Barlow Trecothick, Jas. Hatton, witnesses] and receipt 15 July 1767 by same (John Warren witness).

190a. CARMICHAEL, W. February 20, 1808, Centreville, Md. John McDowell. Asks for recommendation of master for Centreville school.

191. CARPENTER, CONRAD and CASPAR HEFT. October 15, 1817. Benjamin Rawle Morgan. Memorandum. Copy of a statement of expenses regarding the purchase of part of Perkasie Manor from Joseph Barnes.

192. CARPENTER, CONRAD and CASPAR HEFT. April 1, 1819, Phila. Joseph Barnes. PDS. Indenture and mortgage for sale of 502 acres in Rockhill Township, Bucks County. Witnessed by Abraham Shoemaker, John Conrad, John B. Richardson; recorded by John Pugh.

193. CARRÉ, JOHN THOMAS. April 17, 1810, Clermont Seminary. “To all whom it may concern.” ADS. Certificate of the satisfactory employment of Mr. Little.

194. CARSON, JAMES. August 1, 1798. “To all whom it may concern.” ALS. Reference for Andrew Montgomery.

195. CARSON, JAMES. August 3, 1798, Phila. “To all whom it may concern.” ALS. Reference for Andrew Montgomery.

196. CARVER, JAMES. July 8, 1809, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Applying for a post teaching Penmanship.

197. CARVER, JAMES. November 7, 1809, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for the post of writing master.

198. CARVER, JAMES. December 18, 1809, Phila. John Mifflin, Chairman of Trustees, Committee on his application. ALS. Terms of his appointment as writing master; reservations about teaching arithmetic.

199. CARVER, JAMES. [February 1810]. John Fishbourne Mifflin, Chairman of Committee on his Application. ALS. Only willing to accept an appointment as writing master according to the first set of terms proposed.

200. CARVER, JAMES. February 5, 1810, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Resignation as writing master.

201. CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE. June 26, 1816, Phila. Caspar Wistar. ALS. Establishment of a medical school in Lexington. List of professors. Wishes to be a candidate for “professorial honors” the following spring.

202. CHAPMAN, JOHN. January 26, 1814 (sic, 1815. John Fox. ADS. Report of damage to Perkioming (sic) farms; amounts of coal burned by individual tenants. [Refers to Perkasie Manor.]

203. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. [ca. 1809]. Joseph Hopkinson. ALS. Recommendation of Robert Hare, Jr., for the professorship of Chemistry.

204. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. May 1, 1810. Trustees. ALS. Application for the Professorship of Midwifery.

205. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. December 5, 1815. ALS. Request to rearrange the lecture hall shared by Dr. William Paul Crillon Barton and himself.

206. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. March 5, 1816. Edward Fox. ALS. Resignation of the Chair of Materia Medica.

207. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. March 6, 1816. William Rawle. ALS. Proposals for reorganizing the course of instruction, restricting professorships to Botany, Natural History, Chemistry, and Veterinary Medicine.

208. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. October 1, 1816. Chief Justice William Tilghman. ALS. Wish of the Medical Society of Philadelphia to procure a lease from the University for the building in Fifth Street.

209. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. April 6, 1819. William Tilghman for the Trustees. AD. Presenting the Trustees with a copy of his book on Materia Medica for the library.

210. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. April 22, 1817. Edward Fox, Secretary of the Trustees. ALS. Notification that the Medical Faculty will receive the appropriation of $8,000 for the improvement of the Medical Hall on the conditions prescribed.

211. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. October 7, 1817. William Tilghman, President of the Board of Trustees. ALS. Completion of and cost overrun on Medical Hall improvements [by William Strickland].

212. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. August 21, 1818. William Rawle. ALS. The place of Chemistry in the Medical Faculty, including a transcript of a letter from Rawle to the Dean of the Medical Faculty in 1809.

213. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. 1818. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill to reimburse him for monies paid to William Strickland, William Dick, Robert Brocklehurst, and others.

214. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. [1818]. William Tilghman. ALS. Enclosing the insulting letter of Mr. Nicholson, a medical student now suspended until reconsidered by the Trustees.

215. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. [1819]. William Rawle. ALS. Requesting the postponement of a meeting because of Dr. [Philip Syng] Physick’s illness.

216. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL. April 24, 1820. Moses Levy. ALS. Reply that the Medical Faculty would consider it inexpedient to admit the Chair of Botany into the Medical Department. Suggest a meeting to outline reasons.

217. CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL and JOHN SYNG DORSEY. March 9, 1818, Phila. Dr. Benjamin Silliman. ALS. Both decline to write about the life of Caspar Wistar for Silliman’s journal [The American Journal of Science and Arts]. Will send Caldwell’s Eulogium and a copy of Chapman’s volume for the Medical Society of Phila. when it is published.

218. CHARDON, ANTHONY and COMPANY. May 30, 1794, Phila. [Rev.] John Ewing. DS. Bill for paper hanging. Signed as receipt for payment in full by Isaiah Yard, for Anthony Chardon and Company, August 7, 1794.

219. CHAUNCEY, CHARLES, ELIHU CHAUNCEY, and ASHBEL GREEN. June 16, 1809, Phila. ALS. The ability and character of Benjamin Silliman.

220. CHAZOTTE, PETER STEPHEN. December 6, 1819, Phila. William Tilghman, President and the Board of Trustees. ALS. Requesting use of Academy hall in Fourth Street for lectures on the French language, and religious lectures in French for Protestants.

221. CHURCH, J[OHN] and THOMAS CHALKLEY JAMS. November 12, 1804, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting permission to continue their lectures on Midwifery.

222. CLAUDIUS, A., CALEB NORTH, STEPHEN HENDERSON, JAMES MONTGOMERY, and. JOHN CREARY. August 22, 1814, Phila. Trustees. LS with attached plat. Offering to purchase the University’s vacant lot at Ninth and Chestnut, and providing a plot suggesting how a division might be made.

223. CLEAVER, ISAAC. April 1, 1816. William Rawle. ALS. Applying for the Chair of Botany providing Mr. Correa is not a candidate; mentions Correa, L. Collins, and the late H[enry] Muhlenberg as references.

224. CLEAVER, ISAAC. September 2, 1816, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for the Chair of Botany.

225. CLIFFORD, JOHN. July 17, 1817. Joseph Caldwell’s estate. Receipt of payment for new fencing.

226. CLOUD, JOSEPH. April 2, 1816. William Rawle, Chairman of the Trustees’ Committee. ALS. Rejection of terms proposed to the “Cabinet of Science” for establishing a Botanic Garden.

227. CLOUD, JOSEPH. July 29, 1818. Trustees. ALS. Declares Robert Patterson to be fully competent to teach Chemistry in the Medical School.

228. CLOUD, JOSEPH. August 3, 1818, Phila. Thomas Cooper. ALS. Thomas Cooper’s proficiency in chemical experiments and in teaching chemistry.

228a. CLYMER, GEORGE. April 14, 1803. City Commissioners. ALS.

229. CLYMER, GEORGE. May 7, 1811. William Tilghman, President of the Board of Trustees. ALS. Request by the Society of Artists for use of the hall for an address to be delivered by Benjamin Latrobe.

230. COHEN, G. October 28, 1818, Phila. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill signed as receipt for eight small gilt frames.

231. COHEN, G. September 15, 1819. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill endorsed as receipt for ten gilt frames for cards.

232. CONRAD & LANCASTER. September 10-21, 1818. Medical Faculty. DS. Bill for joists and carting. Examined and signed by William Strickland.

233. CONYNGHAM, DAVID HAYFIELD. June 30, 1813, Germantown, Pa. Edward Fox. ALS. Resignation from the Board of Trustees.

234. COOMBE, GRIFFITH. September 2, 1793. John Andrews. ADS. Receipt for payment for lumber, nails, and making and fixing a cellar door.

235. COOPER, THOMAS. November 4, 1817, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Necessity of requiring chemistry courses, otherwise he must resign his post and accept a post at the University of Virginia.

236. COOPER, THOMAS. November 15, 1817, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Notes the overwhelming support of Medical students for his proposal to require chemistry classes.

237. COOPER, THOMAS. March 5, 1818. William Rawle. PLS. Application for the chemical chair soon to be vacated by Dr. John Syng Dorsey.

238. COOPER, THOMAS. April 1818, Chestnut Street, Phila. Trustees. Memorandum. Acceptance of publications donated to the library of the Univ.

239. COOPER, THOMAS. August 4, 1818, 282 Chestnut Street, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application outlining his qualifications, including training in Great Britain and a listing of honors for the chemical chair in the Medical Faculty. With envelope.

240. COOPER, THOMAS. August 17, 1818. William Rawle. Letter wrapper with note requesting perusal of enclosed documents attesting to Cooper’s medical standing.

241. CORNISH, JAMES. October 17, 1818, Drawbridge Wharf. PDS. Receipt of payment for wood.

242. CORNISH, JAMES. September 15, 1819, Drawbridge Wharf. PDS. Receipt of payment for wood (from Medical Faculty).

243. CORNISH, JAMES and [illegible]. July 14 and August 29, 1817, Drawbridge Wharf. PDS.[2] Receipts for payment for wood.

244. CORRÈA DE SERRA, JOSÉ FRANCISCO. March 14, 1816. ALS. Suggestions on the organization of courses in comparative anatomy and veterinary, natural philosophy, agriculture, and chemistry. Commentary includes the state of these disciplines in Europe.

245. COSSGS (?), CISAR. September 17, 1805. Robert Patterson. ADS. Receipt for $35 for philosophical apparatus made and repaired. Originally enclosed in letter from Patterson to the Trustees, see No. 741.

246. COTANCE, [also “QUOTANCE”], WILEY. November 12, 1818. [Medical Faculty]. DS. Receipt of payment for sweeping chimneys and stove pipes.

247. COX, EDWARD. December 27, 1820. John Redman Coxe.. ALS. Inquiry requesting payment of $2,250 in the present week.

248. COXE, JOHN D. January 6, 1807. Trustees. ALS. Declining election as a Trustee.

249. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. June 6, 1809. William White. ALS. Application for the Professorship of Chemistry.

250. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. June 15, 1809. Joseph Borden McKean. ALS. Application for the Chair of Chemistry.

251. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. July 31, 1809. Trustees. ALS. Acceptance of the Professorship of Chemistry; his plans for courses.

252. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. December 27, 1809. John F. Mifflin. ALS. Proposed summer course, chemical apparatus, mineral collection and the dampness of the Chemical Department rooms.

253. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. April 21, 1812. Trustees. ALS. An account of the beating and expulsion of his son by Dr. Allen. Complaint of unfairness.

254. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. March 24, 1813, Phila. Trustees. ALS. List as Dean of the Medical Faculty of candidates for Medical degrees [63 names] and the date of the Medical Commencement. Notice of Trustees’ meeting with the signed approval of William White, Anthony Morris, William Lewis, Joseph Borden McKean, James Gibson, and Moses Levy.

255. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. May 10, 1817, Phila. Edward Fox, Treasurer of the Trustees. ADS. For the Medical Faculty Building Committee, order to pay William Strickland $200 on account of the improvements at the Medical Hall.

256. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. May 17, 1817, Phila. Trustees Building Committee. ADS. For the Medical Faculty Building Committee, order to pay William Strickland $800 for improvements at the [Medical] Hall. Cosigned by Edward Burd and James Gibson, Committee of Finance.

257. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. June 2, 1817. Trustees Building Committee [James Gibson, George Fox, Edward Burd]. ALS. For the Medical Faculty Building Committee, order to pay William Strickland, architect, $1,000 for improvements at the Medical Hall. Countersigned by Edward Burd and George Fox.

258. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. July 1, 1817, Phila. Trustees Building Committee [James Gibson, George Fox, Edward Burd]. ADS. For the Medical Faculty building Committee, order to pay William Strickland, architect, $1,000 for improvements in the Medical Hall.

259. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. August 1, 1817, Phila. Trustees Building Committee [James Gibson, George Fox, Edward Burd]. ADS. For the Medical Faculty Building Committee, order to pay William Strickland $1,000 for improvements in the Medical Hall in Ninth Street. Endorsed by James Gibson.

260. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. September 1, 1817, Phila. Trustees Building Committee [James Gibson, George Fox, Edward Burd] ADS. For the Medical Faculty Building Committee, order to pay William Strickland $1,000 for improvements in the Medical Hall. Endorsed by George Fox.

261. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. October 1, 1817, Phila. Trustees Building Committee [James Gibson, George Fox, Edward Burd]. ADS. For the Medical Faculty Building Committee, order to pay William Strickland, architect, $3,000 for improvements at the Medical Hall in Ninth Street. Cosigned by George Fox and James Gibson.

262. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. November 11, 1817, Phila. Trustees Building Committee. ADS. For the Medical Faculty Building Committee, order to pay William Strickland $2,000 as payment in full on improvements to the Medical Hall in Ninth Street. Endorsed by Edward Burd and James Gibson.

263. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. [1817]. Medical Faculty. ADS. Receipt of payment for his expenditures for contract drawn up with Mr. [William] Strickland, for wood, and laboratory stoves.

264. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. May 29, 1818. Trustees. ALS. Application and his qualifications for the Chair of Materia Medica.

265. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. July 7, 1818, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Resigning the Professorship of Chemistry in order to take up his new responsibility.

266. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. [ca. August 1818]. William Rawle. ALS. Had not procured the book of minutes from Dr. [Nathaniel] Chapman in time to send extracts requested for the evening before.

267. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. August 31, 1818. Trustees. ALS. Loans to the Medical Faculty to repair the caved-in ceiling in the Medical Hall and to construct a new sink for the anatomical department, both according to the instructions of William Strickland.

268. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. November 14, 1818. Trustees. ALS. The unexpected death of Dr. John Syng Dorsey, late Professor of Anatomy; emergency measures needed to continue his course of lectures.

269. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. [March 8, 1819]. William Rawle. Memorandum. Tables enumerating Medical graduates, 1802-1819, by state; matriculations, 1816-1819, by state; and enrollment by lecture subject, 1815-1819.

270. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. March 18, 1819, Phila. William Rawle. ALS. As Dean of the Medical Faculty, state of the Medical School in relation to those of Boston, New York, and Baltimore. Enclosing tables of graduates and matriculations.

271. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. April 6, 1819. Letter. List of medical degree candidates. [91 names].

272. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. October 28, 1819. Medical Faculty. ALS. Qualifications of James Gates Percival for candidacy for a medical degree. Approved by Nathaniel Chapman, Thomas Chalkley James, Philip Syng Physick, William Gibson, Robert Hare, and Coxe. [All signatures].

273. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. January 14, 1820. Robert Hare. ALS. Advises waiving the right of voting on examinations.

274. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. March 7, 1820. Trustees. ALS. Requesting storage space for his chemical apparatus; suggesting a course and licenses for pharmacists.

275. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. March 20, 1820, Phila. Trustees. Petition. Proposal to establish a degree program in Pharmacy and to grant honorary degrees to apothecaries of standing in Phila. [16 signatures].

276. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. March, 1820, Phila. Frederic Beasley. ADS. List of candidates for a medical degree.

277. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. April 1, 1820. Memorandum. Account of the Medical Faculty, examined and approved by Thomas Chalkley James.

278. COXE, JOHN REDMAN. 1820. Members of the Medical Faculty. PDS. Checks for monies paid on account of the Medical Faculty, Farmers and Mechanics’ Bank.

279. COXE, TENCH. February 2, 1796, Phila. President of Directors of the Bank of Pa. ALS. Coxe’s attempts to cover debts to the Bank of Pa.

280. COXE, TENCH. February 13, 1816, Phila. George Bryan, Auditor General. ALS. Tavern licenses. Suggestions regarding a new bill on licensing.

281. CROUDING, P. November 14, 1798. Mr. [John] Andrews. ADS. Receipt of payment for making a better window frame and other materials.

282. CULLEN, JOHN. December 28, 1818. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Request to the Dean of the Medical Faculty to be examined as a candidate for a medical degree based on prior training. Approved.

283. CURRIE, WILLIAM. February 6, 1816, Phila. Trustees. ALS.[3] Application for the vacancy [in Chemistry] caused by the death of Benjamin Smith Barton.

284. CUTBUSH, EDWARD. January 8, 1816, Washington City, D.C. Trustees. ALS. Application for the Chemical chair.

285. CUTBUSH, JAMES. January 2, 1816. Trustees, in care of Edward Fox. ALS. Application for the Chemical chair.