Medical Hall (proposed) on Ninth Street University of Pennsylvania campus, exterior elevation, watercolor and ink by Stephen Bourne 1804 April 22


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Archives General, Communications of Individuals
B (Numbers 53a to180)

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53a. BABCOCK, Rufus. July 13, n.y. Faculty ALS. Recommending entrance for two prospective students despite their insufficient preparation.

54. BAKER, HILARY. November 14, 1792, Phila. Caspar Wistar. ADS. Receipted bill for a pair of kitchen and irons. Signed by David Halyel.

55. BANGER, TIMOTHY. January 23, 1809, Phila. Edward Fox. ALS. Enclosing a petition from Universalist dissenters.

56. BANGER, TIMOTHY. February 6, 1809, Phila. Edward Fox. ALS. Enclosing a petition for the use of College Hall by Universalist dissenters.

57. BANGER, TIMOTHY and JOHN PEARCE. April 7, 1800, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting a sounding board at the Academy be given to the Universalist Church.

58. BARBOUR, JAMES and PHILIP PENDLETON BARBOUR. March 2, 1819. ADS. Testimonial for Dr. George Watson of Richmond.

59. BARD, ADAM. February 28, 1785, Montgomery County, Pa. Trustees. PDS. Indenture for land in Norristown. Signed by Adam Bard and George Bryan. Witnessed by Kitty Matlack and Martha Matlack. Montgomery County Recorder, Frederick Augustus Muhlenburg.


61. BARNARD, J. D. June 30, 1820, West Chester, Pa. Archibald T. Dick. ALS. Claim of Dennis Denny against George Irwin, keeper of the Black Hound Tavern in Middletown.

62. BARNES, JOSEPH. September 2, 1807, Phila. William Rawle. ALS. His understanding of terms specifying the amount of land to be included in the sale of Perkasie Manor.

63. BARNES, JOSEPH. November 24, 1807. William Rawle. ALS. Request for credit on his mortgage and bond for securities listed [concerning his purchase of the Perkasie property]; terms of the allotment due him following a deficient survey.

64. BARNES, JOSEPH. April 7, 1813, Phila. William Rawle and Benjamin Rawle Morgan. ALS. Purchase offer for the [Perkasie] property in Bucks County. Note initialed by William Rawle states that Barnes verbally withdrew his offer to purchase.

65. BARNES, JOSEPH. March 29, 1817. William Rawle, Chairman of the Perkasie Committee. ALS. Offer to purchase Perkasie Manor for $60,500.

66. BARNES, JOSEPH. June 27, 1817. Trustees. ALS. Title dispute involving the eviction of tenants at Perkasie Manor.

67. BARNES, JOSEPH. June 30, 1817. William Rawle. ALS. Details of the deception of Henry Rosenberger, a Perkasie tenant, by Mr. Newton and John H. Keyes, who pretended to be a deputy sheriff supporting Rosenberger’s claim against the Trustees.

68. BARNES, JOSEPH. n.d. [received August 30 or 31, 1817]. William Rawle, Chairman of the Perkasie Committee. ALS. Statements concerning costs and disputed acreage in the Perkasie Manor sale.

69. BARNES, JOSEPH. September 26, 1817, Phila. William Rawle. ALS. Disputed boundary lines in the Perkasie sale.

70. BARNES, JOSEPH. October 16, 1817. Conrad Carpenter and Caspar Heft. Memorandum of an agreement to the sale of the Branchland area in Perkasie Manor.

71. BARNES, JOSEPH. [October 16, 1817]. Conrad Carpenter and Caspar Heft. DS. Memorandum of agreement of sale for Branchland in Perkasie Manor.

72. BARNES, JOSEPH. November 19, 1817, Phila. ADS. Records of the sale of Perkasie Manor farms to Abraham Winholt and Philip Teis.

73. [BARNES, JOSEPH]. n.d. [ca. 1817-1818]. [Trustees]. Draft of agreement. Adjustment of bonds and mortgages on the Perkasie property to Conrad Carpenter and Caspar Heft.

74. BARNES, JOSEPH. April 10, 1818. ADS. Receipt of four mortgages from Mr. Fox.

75. BARNES, JOSEPH. May 2, 1818. ADS. Farm lately occupied by Henry Rosenberger exchanged for a lot on Seventh between Market and Chestnut Streets. Addenda by William Rawle noting purchase of farm by Robert Erwin, instructions for release.

76. BARNES, JOSEPH. May 5, 1818. ADS. Agrees to except the farm of Watson Robinson from the sale to Conrad Carpenter and Caspar Heft.

77. BARNES, JOSEPH. May 20, 1819. William Rawle. Letter. Mortgage of 530 acres, formerly in University’s Perkasie Manor.

78. BARNES, JOSEPH. June 1, 1819. Trustees. Letter. Completion of payment for purchase of Perkasie Manor.

79. [BARNES, JOSEPH]. [June 1, 1819]. [Trustees.] Memorandum. Value of stock used in paying for Perkasie Manor.

80. BARNES, JOSEPH. n.d. [June 1, 1819]. [Trustees]. Memorandum. Securities for payment for Perkasie Manor.

81. BARNES, JOSEPH. November 24, 1819, Phila. William Rawle. ALS. Requests release on his bond and mortgage certificates.

81a. BARNES, Joseph. 1819 [Trustees]. Memorandum. Estimate of financial loss.

81o. BARTON, BENJAMIN SMITH. October 26, 1798, Germantown, Pa. ALS. Recipient asked to forward to Mr. Weston, manager of Canal on the “Mohock” River important letters destined for towns of Oneida and Stockbridge. Asks dates of settlement of the “German Flats” and of burning of recipient’s town.

82. BARTON, BENJAMIN SMITH. November 11, 1802. William White, Chairman of Committee of Trustees. ALS. Unacquainted with the qualifications of Dr. James Mease; joint course of lectures to be offered by Robert Patterson and James Woodhouse.

83. BARTON, BENJAMIN SMITH. April 5, 1803, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Request to postpone examinations for Medical students and to set a date for the Medical Commencement. For the Medical Faculty.

84. BARTON, BENJAMIN SMITH. April 22, 1808. Trustees. ALS. Conferring of degrees and arrangements for the Medical Commencement. For the Medical Faculty.

85. BARTON, BENJAMIN SMITH. March 24, 1812. Trustees. ALS. Date of the Medical Commencement.

86. BARTON, BENJAMIN SMITH. July 14, 1813, Phila. Joseph Borden McKean. ALS. Resigning chair of “Materia Medica” should lie be appointed to the chair of the “Institutes of Medicine, of the Practice of Physic, and of Clinical Medicine.”

87. BARTON, BENJAMIN SMITH. April 3, 1815, Phila. Trustees, in care of Bishop William White. ALS. His desire to continue medical and botany lectures following a forthcoming trip to Europe (planned for health reasons).

88. BARTON, BENJAMIN SMITH. November 17, 1815, N.Y. Thomas Chalkley James. ALS. Poor health; suggests Trustees find a temporary replacement to take over his lectures. Concerned that another professor will be appointed permanently.

89. BARTON, BENJAMIN SMITH. December 7, 1815. Medical Faculty. ALS. Suggestion that Dr. [John Syng] Dorsey act as his replacement not well received; instead hopes faculty members will share the lectures.

96. BARTON, WILLIAM. December 26, 1815. Lancaster, Pa. William Rawle. ALS. Testimonial for his son, William Paul Crillon Barton, a candidate for the professorship of Natural History and Botany.

91. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. January 2, 1816, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Application for the professorship of Natural History and Botany.

92. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. July 1, 1816. William Rawle, Chairman of the Botanic Committee. ALS. A transcript of subscriptions to the Botanic Garden with 27 names.

93. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. January 6, 1817. Edward Fox. ALS. Acceptance of professorship of Botany.

94. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. January 7, 1817. [William Rawle], Chairman of the Botanic Committee. AD. Eight acres available from [John] Hare Powel for the Botanic Garden on terms of ground rent forever.

95. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. March 11, 1817, Phila. William Rawle, Chairman of the Botanic Garden Committee. ALS. Comparison of two possible sites for the Botanic Garden.

96. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. March 31, 1817. William Rawle, Jr., Chairman of the Botanic Committee. ALS. A description of the property site for the Botanic Garden.

97. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. March 31, 1817. William Rawle. ALS. The illness of Mrs. Barton has prevented attention to the neatness of the enclosed letter.

98. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. June 22, 1817. William Rawle. ALS. Requesting he be appointed “Director of the Botanic Garden” before Mathew Carey publishes the Vegetable Materia Medica of the United States.

99. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. n.d. [ca. 1817]. William Rawle, Chairman of the Botanic Garden Committee. ALS. The advantages of a piece of land previously mentioned as a site for the Botanic Garden.

100. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. n.d. [1817]. William Rawle. ALS. Receipt of seeds from M. Thevin, the director of the Paris Botanic Gardens. Plans for the garden in the fall. Copy of Vegetable Materia Medica, printed by Mathew Carey, enclosed.

101. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. August 4, 1818. Trustees. ALS. Construction of a greenhouse and garden in front of the medical apartments according to [William] Strickland’s plan, for the use of the Professor of Botany; detailed reasons for the garden and greenhouse.

102. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. May 31, 1818. William Rawle. ALS. Application for the Chair of Materia Medica.

103. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. February 26, 1819. William Rawle, Chairman of the Botanic Committee. ALS. Requesting the use of a plot of ground in front of the Medical Building to grow plants for use in his lectures on Botany.

104. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. April 4, 1820, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Requesting that the Professorship of Botany be moved from the jurisdiction of the Faculty of Natural Science to the Medical Faculty.

104a. BARTON, WILLIAM PAUL CRILLON. February 26, 1825. Charles Chauncey. ALS. Statements from European journals on standing of botany as a subject in the Medical faculty of Irish and English universities.

105. BASSETT, ERASTUS. May 7, 1807. President and Trustees. ALS. Requesting the use of the College Hall in Fourth Street by the Young Ladies Academy of Phila.

105a.  BAYARD, JOHN.  February 4, 1780.  David Rittenhouse, treasurer.  ADS.  Order from Bayard to Rittenhouse to pay to George Bryan, treasurer of the University of Pennsylvania, £15,000;  includes on the same sheet of paper five receipts of Bryan for money received for the University. 

106. BEALE, PENNEL, KENNETH McCOY and THOMAS PARKE. 1814. ALS. Recommendation of Isaac Rakehow for the janitorship.

107. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. October 11, 1813. Trustees. ADS. Proposals for the improvement of the Univ. including raising academic standards, establishing a literary society and merit awards, and furnishing a chapel for worship and oratory. 30 pp.

108. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. February 1, 1814. Trustees. Letter. Student conduct, in particular the cases of John Coxe and William Rigden. For the Faculty.

109. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. January 3, 1815. Trustees. ALS. Candidates for degrees, the awarding of medals, receiving of new freshman class, M.A. degrees for Thomas King Carroll and Reverend Alfred Dashiell both of Maryland, and arrangement for Commencement.

110. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. April 4, 1815. Phila. Trustees. ADS. Enclosed list of candidates for the M.D.; attendance requested at Commencement.

111. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. October 3, 1815, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Reasons for accelerated examinations, Commencement dates, reasons for low enrollment, the demeanor of students, public lectures, meeting space for Trustees.

112. [BEASLEY, FREDERIC], Provost. December 5, 1815. Trustees. Memorandum. Examination dates, M.A. degrees for H. C. Wilson, Thomas P. Bennet, and John McAllister.

113. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. 1815. Trustees. ADS. List of applicants for Master of Arts degree.

114. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. April 2, 1816, Univ. ADS. List of candidates for Medical degrees.

115. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. July 2, 1816, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Examination dates, the distribution of medals, tuition payments, the scheduling of vacations, improved student demeanor, and a request for travel funds.

116. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. April 1, 1817, Phila. Trustees. ALS. List of candidates for degrees, Commencement arrangements.

117. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. May 6, 1817, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Endorses the appointment of a Master for the Grammar School, relinquishing all hope of a reconciliation between teachers.

118. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. n.d. [ca. 1817]. Edward Fox. ADS. Order to pay the bearer two dollars for cleaning gutters at Beasley’s house.

119. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. February 3, 1818. Trustees. ALS. Controversy over improvements made by Mr. Hill to Beasley’s, [James] Wiltbank’s, and [James G.] Thomson’s yards; repossession of the so-called Provost’s chair by Mr. Meredith, the necessity of procuring proper chairs for the Faculty; the irregularity of the janitor’s watch and the need to repair the college clock; class enrollment figures.

120. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. April 7, 1818, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Enclosing a list [not present] of candidates for the M.D. degree and recommending for the same degree Dr. John Coleman Rogers of the College of Transylvania, Lexington, Kentucky.

121. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. June 2, 1818, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Recommending accelerated dates for senior class examinations due to their students’ “more complete course of study.”

122. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. July 7, 1818. Trustees. ALS. Recommendations of candidates for A.B. degrees; attendance of Trustees at examinations. Prospects of growth and prosperity for the College and Grammar School.

123. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. March 2, 1819, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Report on the state of the College. Rising enrollment; optimism about improving status. Proposes James Milnor for an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree and William Gaston for an honorary Doctorate of Laws.

124. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. April 6, 1819, Phila. Trustees. Letter. Candidates for Medical degrees; requesting the use of the College building for lectures on oratory by Mr. Magenis of Ireland; the installation of a bell during summer building repairs, and the need for medals to encourage students’ industry.

125. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. n.d. [1819]. Memorandum. Plan for classes in the Latin school. Endorsed W. R. [William Rawle] November 26, 1819.

126. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. March 7, 1820. Trustees. ALS. Semiannual report: the state of the seminary; rising admissions and enrollment; the late appearance of lecture admission cards.

127. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. April 4, 1820, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Request for a Medical Commencement date; request from Bishop [James] Kemp of Baltimore that Rev. Mr. Stephens of Staunton, Virginia, be granted an honorary degree; proposal to add a fourth professor and fourth year to the College curriculum.

128. BEASLEY, FREDERIC. July 4, 1820, Phila. Trustees. ALS. List of candidates for degrees from the College.

129. BECK, PAUL, JR. July 4, 1820. Trustees. ALS. Accusation that Commencement honors were distributed unfairly by Provost Frederic Beasley and that Beck’s son, Henry Paul Beck, was slighted.

130. BENNETT, THOMAS PENNINGTON. May 30, 1811, Phila. Address. Valedictory oration on the advantage of education.

131. BENTON, B., FRANCIS CATH-[?], JOHN MITCHELL. July 8, 1795, Bellyhelly, County Londonderry, Ireland. ALS. Character reference for Andrew Montgomery, now planning to go to America.

131a. BIBB, WILLIAM WYATT. April 25, 1817, Mallory (Ga.?). James Monroe, President of U.S. ALS. Will accept his appointment (as Governor). Intends to travel in the [Alabama] Territory to find land to buy at public sale and will report anything interesting to the government.

132. BICKLEY SON & TAYLOR. September 30, 1817. Joseph Caldwell and William Rawle. ADS. Receipt of payment for posts and rails for the Botanic Garden.

132a. BIDDLE, CHARLES. May 8, 1787, Phila. David Rittenhouse. DS. Order to Treasurer, as Vice President of Supreme Executive Council, that £150 be paid to “late Proprietaries of Pennsylvania.” Endorsed by Tench Francis, attorney for John Penn, senior, to pay to Richard Penn and by latter to pay to John Ashley. “Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.”

133. BIDDLE, CHARLES. October 4, 1817, Phila. Thomas Bradford, Jr. ALS. Resignation as Secretary to the Charity School Society.

134. BIDDLE, [Colonel] CLEMENT. December 7, 1814, Phila. George Hagner. ADS. Leave of absence from morning roll call, Captain Adam Kuhn’s company.

135. BIDDLE, CLEMENT CORNELL. August 1, 1818, Phila. Robert M[askell] Patterson, Vice Provost. ALS. Endorses Patterson for the Chair of Chemistry.

136. BINGHAM, WILLIAM and ANN his wife. March 9, 1795, County of Phila. John Miller. DS. Indenture for lots on the north side of Chestnut Street between Tenth and Eleventh Streets for £1400. Witnessed by Edward Bonsall and Herman Baker.

137. BINNS, JOHN. August 6, 1817-April 16, 1819. Medical Faculty of the Univ. DS. Bill for advertising medical lectures, medical commencement, introductory lectures, and a list of gentlemen.

138. BINNS, JOHN. September 8, 1819, Democratic Press office. Medical Faculty. DS. Bill for advertising medical lectures. Endorsed as paid by J. B. DeBree for John Binns, December 18, 1819.

139. BLACK, SAMUEL. June 21 and June 27, 1820, Drawbridge Landing. PDS. Two bills for wood endorsed as receipts.

139a. BLACK, [Samuel]. December 22, 1820. Receipt for cordwood. bought for Medical Faculty.

140. BLEAKLEY, JOHN. November 1, 1800, Phila. President of the Board of Trustees. ALS. Resignation from the Board of Trustees.

141. BOND, PHINEAS. August 4, 1761. John Lawrence. ADS. Receipt and list of tickets sold by John Lawrence for the seventh Academy lottery.

141a. BOND, THOMAS. July 2, 1761, Phila. Samuel Galloway. ALS. Betsy, at Tulip Hill, has enjoyed Maryland journey and her health should improve.

142. BOUCHARD, ANTHONY. February 3, 1810, Phila. Trustees. LS. His plan for a school for which he seeks University patronage. See next.

143. BOUCHARD, ANTHONY. n.d. [but February 3, 1810]. Trustees. MS. Prospectus for boarding students of the University in house where French, architectural drawings, etc. will be taught.

144. BOUCHARD, ANTHONY. February 5, 1810. Trustees. LS. Subsequently dated copy of his letter of February 3, 1810.

145. BOUCHARD, ANTHONY. n.d. [but February 5, 1810]. Trustees. MS. Subsequently dated copy of his prospectus of February 3, 1810.

145a. BOUDINOT, ELIAS. March 6, 1817, Burlington, N.J. Mason F. Cogswell. ALS. Confined in sick bed for seventeen months, kindness of friends, details of (invalid?) chair ordered by canal boat.

146. [BOURNE, STEPHEN]. [ca. 1798-1799]. Memorandum. Property at Fifth and Walnut Streets rented by William McDonnough (sic) from Joseph Ball, leased to John King and Stephen Bourne. Invalidation of deeds due to a resurvey showing the Anatomical Hall as built partially on the large lot.

147. BOURNE, STEPHEN. June 20, 1799, Phila. Joseph P. Musgrave. PDS with seal. Indenture for property on Third between South and Shippen Street in Southwork for $265.25 payable in six months with interest. Witnessed by James Riegi and A. Musgrave, Jr.

148. BOURNE, STEPHEN. June 20.1, 1799, Phila. Joseph Philip Musgrave. PDS. Bond and judgement for $265.25. Witnessed by James Riegi and A. Musgrave, Jr.

149. BOURNE, STEPHEN. February 2, 1814. Trustees. Letter. A discrepancy between the property line at Fifth and Walnut Streets specified in his title and the adjoining wall of the old Anatomical Hall.

150. BOURNE, STEPHEN. December 5, 1814. Trustees. ALS. Request for further committee action concerning the boundary dispute over lots at Fifth and Walnut Streets.

151. BOWLBY, EDWARD P. September 30-November 11, 1818. Medical Faculty. ADS. Bill for ironmongery.

151a. BOYLETON, Henry, John Heintzleman, and William Forman. January 9, [1818], Phila. Medical Faculty. Memorandum. Various students’ accounts of the quarrel between Ellis Lewis, James Dixon and James Ramsay.

152. BRAKE, ABRAM. January 20, 1820, Phila. John Redman Coxe. DS. Bill for hauling and sawing wood. Endorsed with his mark as paid, January 21, 1820.

153. BRAKE, ABRAM. June 23 and 28, 1820, Phila. John Redman Coxe. DS. Bills for hauling and sawing wood. Both endorsed as payment received in full, June 24 and 29, 1820.

154. BRANNAN, BENJAMIN, THOMAS GARRETT, BEVAN PEARSON, OBORN GARRETT, and HEZEKIAH HIBBERD. July 23, 1798, Upper Darby, Pa. ALS. Character reference for John Kerr.

155. BRANNAN, BENJAMIN, THOMAS GARRETT, BEVAN PEARSON, OBORN GARRETT, and HEZEKIAH HIBBERD. July 23, 1798, Upper Darby, Pa. Letter. Character reference for John Kerr.

156. BREVOORT, HENRY, JR. February 29, 1818, N.Y. John Hare Powel. ALS. Dr. Hope of the College of Edinburgh’s remarks on Robert Hare, Jr. and his blowpipe. Enquiry into whether Robert Hare had gained the Chemical Chair. Thanks for introducing Brevoort to Mr. Slade.

157. BRIGGS, ISAAC. May 9, 1803, Phila. Trustees. ALS. Surveyor of the lands of the United States South of Tennessee. Offers to purchase the transit instrument of the late John Ewing.

158. BRIGGS, SAMUEL. December 3, 1792. Caspar Wistar. ADS. Receipted bill for installing pump, cistiron, and pipes in the Medical School yard.

159. BROCKLEHURST, ROBERT. September 29, 1817, Univ. ADS. Bill for iron work. Endorsed over to Edward Fox for payment by George Fox and James Gibson.

160. BROCKLEHURST, ROBERT. November 25, 1819, Phila. “Medical House.” ADS. Bill signed as receipt for hinges, screws, door fasteners, and padlocks.

161. BROCKLEHURST, ROBERT. 1820, Phila. Medical Department. ADS. Bill for stove parts. Examined and signed as correct by William Dick. Endorsed as receipt, June 8, 1821.

162. BROOKE, ROBERT. November 26, 1816. William Rawle. ALS. Unable to make a survey for the Trustees at the time.

163. BROWN & HARRIS. December 17, 1817. John McKinney and Mrs. Jane Knowles. DS. Bills for glazing at the Academy in Fourth Street endorsed as pay order by John McKinney and Mrs. Jane Knowles.

164. BROWN & HARRIS. December 27, 1817. DS. Bill for painting the laboratory certified as correct by John Redman Coxe.

165. BROWN, JOSEPH D. November 1, 1814. William T. Stockton. DS. Lease of 42 acres of land in Penn Township. Includes property improvements agreed upon. Witnessed by Thomas M. Hall, John J. Downing.

166. BROWNE, PETER A. April 1, 1817. Thomas Bradford. ALS. Resignation from the Society for the establishment and support of Charity Schools, addressed to its President.

167. BRUX, EDWARD. October 29, 1812. John Redman Coxe. ALS. Unable to comply with new regulations; requests waiver of chemistry course, having previously studied chemistry and pharmacy.

168. BRYAN, GEORGE, Auditor General of Pennsylvania. September 28, 1812. Edward Fox. ALS. Auditor General of Pa. encloses copy of the last settlement of accounts between the Univ. and the State. With the draft of Fox’s reply dated October 3, 1812 requesting a statement of July -, 1807.

169. BRYAN, GEORGE. September 28, 1812. ADS with seal. “The Trustees of the University in account current with the State,” probably enclosed with last.

169a. BRYAN, GEORGE, WILLIAM WEST, CHARLES THOMSON. October 27, 1770, Phila. DS. Report of auditors of estate of Robert Thompson, deceased. “Governors of Pennsylvania Autograph Collection.”

170. BRYAN, SAMUEL. March 8, 1802, Comptroller General’s Office, Lancaster, Pa. Edward Fox. ALS. Request for payment of the installment due on the house formerly for the President of the United States (the Ninth Street building) forwarded to George Bryan by Fox suggesting the use of state bonds for the payment.

171. BRYAN, SAMUEL. February 6, 1804, Comptroller General’s Office, Lancaster, Pa. Edward Fox. ALS. Warning that unless monies owed the state on the purchase of the house intended for the President of the United States is paid, legal action will be initiated.

172. BRYAN, SAMUEL. February 20, 1804, Comptroller General’s Office. ADS. Account current between the Univ. and the State.

173. BRYAN, SAMUEL. February 22, 1804, Comptroller General’s Office, Lancaster, Pa. Edward Fox. ALS. Enclosing a copy-of the account current between the Univ. and the Commonwealth.

174. BURD, EDWARD. November 15, 1802. Thomas FitzSimons. ALS. Brick stove to be erected in Mr. Peale’s school, “by way of experiment.”

175. BURD, EDWARD. March 1, 1808. Alexander James Dallas. ALS. Considers Dallas’ memorial to the Legislature well-calculated to answer their purpose.

176. BURD, EDWARD. 1810[?]. Memorandum. Plan for classes.

177. BURD, EDWARD. December 5, 1811. Benjamin Chew and other Committee members. ALS. Extracts from a letter of William Rogers to Edward Burd dated November 5,1811. An outline of retirement benefits specified by Rogers.

178. BURD, EDWARD. August 26, 1816. William Rawle. Letter. Requesting to be excused from a meeting of the Botanic Garden committee because of bad health.

179. BURD, EDWARD. July 12, 1819. Trustees. ALS. Debts to Penn Foundation. Diminished public confidence in the institution. Suggests a fourth year be added to the College program, improvements be implemented in teaching methods.