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Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
Committee Reports and Correspondence, 1852 - 1970

UPA 1.51

4 Cubic ft., one oversize package

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This collection has not been fully processed. The following preliminary inventory is available.


OS Box 1


A package of miscellaneous notes and designs for the University seal, including the design of the University seal that began to be officially used July 1, 1930 and formally approved by Trustees June 20, 1932.

OS Box 2


Guide to the Use of the Seal and Arms of the University of Pennsylvania (4 copies);


Statutes of the Corporation (revised Dec. 1904) by Rev. Jesse Young Burk;

Notes by Professor Charles E. Dana, William H. Horstman, Co., etc.

Designs for the proposed flag for the University of Pennsylvania by Professor John Nioms;

Old Penn, Vol. 8, #35, June 18, 1910;

The origin and seal of the University of Pennsylvania (reprint from the General Magazine and Historical Chronicle, April 1930, 6 copies);

Report of the Committee on Seal and Coat of Arms, June 1932 (2 copies);

Proposed flag designs, miscellaneous photographs and articles dealing with the flag and seal;

Report of the Committee Appointed by the Trustees to Consider a New Seal, a Coat of Arms and Flag, May 1931

OS 3


(package) Seal and shield (on wall plaque), 1905

Box R1




FF 6

Professor Allen's remarks on the letter and by-laws reported 3 Nov. 1852


FF 7

Trustee report, 1866


FF 8

"A Report on the Constitutional Relations," 1879


FF 9

Committee report, re resignation of Herman V. Hilprecht, 1911


FF 10

Committee of the Medical Department, confidential report, 1859


FF 11

Special Committee on the Medical Department, 1876


FF 12

Charles P. Krauth's letter re a Trustee committee report, 1880


FF 13

John Stewardson Memorial Scholarship, 1897, 1904


FF 14

Findings of Trustees against Herman V. Hilprecht, 1908


FF 15

Committee report and resolutions, 13 Apr. 1914


FF 16

Fine Arts report, 1920


FF 17

Committee of Faculty Representatives on University Policy, report 1920


FF 18

Committee on University Policy, report, 1920


FF 19

Informal Conference on University Policy, memorandum, 1920


FF 20

Committee on University Policy, report, 1921


FF 21

Research Committee, report, 1930


FF 22

Committee on Seal and Coat of Arms, report, 1932


FF 23

Committee for the Physical Development of the University, report, 1948


FF 24

Financial Aid Study Committee, report, 1970

Box R2




FF 1

Committees on Hygiene, Education, Graduate School, Physical Education, Towne Scientific, Veterinary, Wharton, and Dental Schools, 1912 May 31-1916 May 24


FF 2

Minutes of the stated meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University, Nov. 3 1852; By-law; Henry Vethake to William M. Meredith, Nov. 27, 1852; Henry Reed's letter, Jan. 21, 1853; Professor George Allen's Remarks; Objections to a Reorganization of the University Considered, Mar. 21, 1853; A. Dallas Bache to A. Potter, Aug. 2, 1852, "1852" on the book spine; "presented by Dr. Edgar Fahs Smith for the Archives of the University, July, 1922" on the first page


FF 3

The Report of a Committee on Seal and a Coat of Arms, June 1932


FF 4

Committee on Educational Policy and Planning, Report, 1946 Oct. 1 (two copies)