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Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
Committee Minutes, 1857 - 1974

UPA 1.5

6 Cubic ft.

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Box 1


Trustees Committees, Minutes


Committee on the Academy and the Charity School, 1857-1862


Committee on Science, 1882


Committee on Ways and Means, 1857-1889, 1891-1894


Committee on the College (Dept. of Arts), 1857- 1866, 1867, 1882-1889, 1894-1919


Committee on Building and Grounds, 1857-1886 (with gaps)


Medical, Dental and Veterinary Committee, 1857-1858, 1866-1873,1890, 1897-1919, 1894-1919


Committee on the Library, 1857


Building Committee, 1871-1872


Committee Medical and Allied Schools, 1875-1896


Committee on Finance and Property, 1894- 1911

Box 2


Committee on Honorary Degrees, 1897-1919


Committee on Law and Legal Relations, 1897-1919


Committee on Finance and Property, 1911-1915


Standing and Special Committees, 1919-1928


Constituent Administrative Committee, 1927-1930


Executive Board, 1928-1930,1930-1933


Constituent Board, 1930-1932, 1932-1934

Box 3


Executive Committee of the Executive Board


Minutes, correspondence, and supporting papers, 1940-1946


Minutes, 1953-1958


Administrative Committee, 1929-1933


Correspondence with boards, 1928-1930


Executive Committee, minutes, 1953-1954


Executive Committee, minutes, 1952-1953


Administrative Committee, two folders, 1929-1933


Executive Committee, miscellaneous correspondence of Secretary, Comptroller, etc., 1930-1932

There is no box 4.

Box 5


Trustees Committee on Corporate Responsibility, 1971 Apr. to 1974 Jul. in six portfolios

Portfolio 1


Robert H. Mundheim of the Law School

Portfolio 2


University Corporate Responsibility Committee--Afro-American Institute

Portfolio 3


University Council on Community Relations

Portfolio 4


Senate Advisory Committee, 1971-1972

Portfolio 5


Affirmative Action Report

Portfolio 6


President's Panel of Community Advisors--Robert H. Mundheim as Chairman

Box R1

FF 1


F. A. Genth, "A Letter to the Board of Trustees," 1888