Medical History at the University of Pennsylvania
Medical Education - Students

Prepared by Joseph - James Ahern
February 2013

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Archives General Collection 1740 – 1820

The Archives General Collection contains correspondence related to medical students from 1799 through to 1820.


Curriculum and Lecture Notes Collection, 1759 – 1976
UPW, 23 Cu Ft.

The Curriculum and Lecture Notes Collection was created by the University Archives in the 1950s to assemble individual manuscripts and small groupings of archival material relating to courses taught at the University of Pennsylvania throughout its entire history. This collection documents the teaching methods used in the various schools of the University of Pennsylvania throughout its history. The collection contains a number of items related to the School of Medicine, and the School of Dental Medicine.



Archives General Collection, 1820 – 1930
UPA 3, 40 Cu Ft.

The Archives General material contains material related to Medical School students from the mid-nineteenth century through to the early twentieth century. The collection is arranged chronologically.


William James Campbell Papers, 1863 – 1872
UPT 50 C189, 1 Cu Ft.

William James Campbell studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania under Joseph Leidy. Campbell took his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees in 1871 from the University after serving a residency at Pennsylvania Hospital. The lecture notes address a variety of medical subjects including hygiene, obstetrics, surgery, practical medicine, physiology, clinics, anatomy, botany, geology, and chemistry. Professors include Harrison Allen, D. Hays Agnew, Robert Bolling, Joseph Carson, Henry Hartshorne, F.V. Hayden, H. Lenox Hodge, James E. Hutchinson, Joseph Leidy, R.A.F. Penrose, George Pepper, William Pepper, J.G. Reese, Edward Rhoads, R.E. Rogers, Francis G. Smith, Henry H. Smith, Alfred Stille, James Tyson, and Horatio Wood.


Benjamin Woolsey Dwight and Francis E. Dwight Papers, 1801 – 1882
UPT 50 D992, 0.25 Cu Ft.

Between 1801 and 1803 Benjamin Woolsey Dwight studied medicine first at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia – where he also practiced at Pennsylvania Hospital, and next at Columbia College in New York. Francis E. Dwight was the grandson of Benjamin Woolsey Dwight. In 1882 he took medical instructions at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University in New York, New York. The Benjamin Woolsey Dwight and Francis E. Dwight Papers contain material relate to their medical education - mainly notebooks for lectures attended, and admission cards for Benjamin Woolsey Dwight.


Elias White Hale Papers, 1848
UPT 50 H161, 1 Item

Elias White Hale attended the University of Pennsylvania Medical School from October 1846 to 1848. His preceptor was Dr. Joseph B. Ard. In 1848, he received his M.D. degree from the University. This collection contains a draft copy of the final essay of Elias White Hale required for his graduation from the School of Medicine. The essay is on the topic of pneumonia. It describes the illness at its various stages.


Thomas Mackie Smith Papers, 1826 – 1847
UPT 50 S662, 0.5 Cu Ft.

Thomas Mackie Smith attended the University of Pennsylvania and earned the degrees of A.B. in 1828 and M.D. in 1831. He served as a resident physician in the Philadelphia Almshouse. The Papers series (1826-1847) contains documents relating to Smith's attendance at the University of Pennsylvania, including lecture tickets, a commencement announcement, a commencement program and a registrar's bill.



Walter L. Croll Papers, 1905 – 1972
UPT 50 C944, 1 Ln Ft.

Walter Lewis Croll attended the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, receiving his M.D. in 1911. Croll specialized in gynecology and obstetrics and served as the Chief Resident Surgeon at the Elizabeth Steele McGee Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The papers of Walter Lewis Croll include notes taken in lectures while a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania. There are notes on surgery, the circulatory system, and the nervous system (taught by Piersol) as well as notes on chemical experiments.


William Rhys Jones Notes on Cases: Obstetrics Clinic, 1920 – 1921
UPT 50 J79, 1 Item

William Rhys Jones was a physician who, as a young man, kept a detailed journal of his final year in Penn's School of Medicine, 1920-1921. This collection consists of a single volume of William Rhys Jones' handwritten notes on obstetrics and gynecology cases during his final year of medical school (1920-1921) at the University of Pennsylvania. The journal contains accounts of 147 cases; each describes an unnamed patient treated by Jones under the supervision of his professor, Dr. Barton Cooke Hirst (1861-1935).


John Hess Foster Scrapbook, 1913-1921
UPT 50 F755, 1 Volume

In the fall of 1913 John Hess Foster entered the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania and received his M.D. degree in 1917. The majority of the scrapbook is devoted to Foster’s time at the University of Pennsylvania as a medical student and details not only the various social activities, such as the fraternity, student association, and athletic events, that he attended but also his medical work at the University Settlement House of the Christian Association and the Southeastern Dispensary for Women. There is a collection of individual snapshots with autographs of faculty (primarily posed in the class room or laboratory) and fellow students at the School of Medicine. Many of these snapshots were used as illustrations in the 1917 medical school yearbook, The Scope, for which Foster was the photograph editor.


Frank David Levy Memorabilia, 1917 – 1918
UPT 50 L668, 4 Items

Frank David Levy was the second oldest of five children of an immigrant family that came from Poland in the 1890s. He attended the College of the University of Pennsylvania for two years before entering the Medical School. At Penn he was a member of the Flexner Medical Society and the Phi Delta Upsilon social fraternity. After earning his M.D. in 1917, he had his internship at the Philadelphia General Hospital for one year from 1917 to 1918. These four items relate to Frank David Levy's years as a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania and as an intern at Philadelphia General Hospital.


Undergraduate Medical Association Records, 1908-1962
UPS 507, 0.25 Cu Ft.

The Undergraduate Medical Association was formed in 1908 by University of Pennsylvania Medical School students, to foster extra-curricular activities among medical students, and encourage research. The Undergraduate Medical Association Records consists of a scrapbook, published proceedings from 1908, and loose items related to its annual meeting.