Diversity at the University of Pennsylvania
Women at Penn

Prepared by Melanie Xu, Summer Research Fellow and University of Pennsylvania undergraduate
July 2017

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

How Fare Women?, UPP 9100 H834, and Return Engagment, UPP 9100 H979
1955 and 1970

This collection includes a 1955 report on women's education and employment (H834), as well as a 1970 "how to" and "where to" guidebook on finding employment in Philadelphia (H979). It provides information on employers, sample jobs, requirements, salaries, and etc.


"Daughters of Pennsylvania," UPP 15.2 M648
July 1937

This pamphlet describes the role, status, and contributions of women in Penn history, and advocates the establishment of a separate college campus for women.


Women Faculty in the University of Pennsylvania
Almanac (Apr. 13, 1971), UPL 1090.35
March 23, 1971

The Committee on the Status of Women discusses the presence of women on campus, and the disparity in the numbers of male and female faculty members. It also suggests measures to increase the number of female faculty through recruitment and promotion. Finally, it includes commentary on the wage gap between genders.


The Alumni Register, UPM 8115
1918 (Vol. 20, No. 4), p. 301-317

This book contains a series of editorial debates regarding making Penn entirely co-ed (some schools/departments already accepted women). It also contains figures on the existing number of women in departments, as well as a historical overview of their presence on campus.


The General Magazine, UPM 8115
1933 (Vol. 36, No. 1), p. 23

This publication contains an address delivered by Merle Odgers, the Dean of the newly-established College of Liberal Arts for women.


"A Woman's College"
The Pennsylvania Gazette (Apr. 15, 1933), UPM 8125

This publication contains an article advocating the establishment of a college specifically for women, as opposed to making the entirety of the University co-ed. This article also describes how a women's college would function in relation to the rest of the university, in terms of its administration, teaching, and facilities.


College of Liberal Arts For Women Records, UPB 3

These form the records for the College of Liberal Arts for women. This collection consists of:

UPB 3.1 – Faculty minutes, 1933-1974
UPB 3.2 – Includes committee reports and curriculum discussion
UPB 3.3 – includes membership lists, reports and correspondence regarding coursework in the women's college and the proper education afforded to them. Also includes correspondence and minutes of meeting on the merger of the women's college and Arts and Sciences faculty
UPB 3.6 – Budget correspondence, committee reports, etc.
UPB 3.71 – Registration forms with names, photos, and biographical information; some contains letters of recommendation


Office of the President Records, UPA 4

Various files in the presidential records over the years address the College of Liberal Arts for Women, as well as the presence of women in the university as a whole:

College of Liberal Arts for Women 1930-1955 – Box 1, FF 69; Box 11, FF 48; Box 19, FF 30; Box 45, FF 39; Box 73 FF25-26; Box 124; Box 188 (Bruton Report); Box 251, FF 24-25
Women Students 1930-1950 – Box 9, FF48; Box 17, FF 69; Box 41, FF 54-56; Box 106, FF 2-6;
Women's Medical College (students, Committee on Opportunities, etc.) Box 26, FF 59-62
Development – Women's campus – Box 30, FF 27
Women's Dorms – Box 46, FF 48-50; Box 76, FF 16-18; Box 78 FF 11, 32; Box 127; Box 159; Box 164 (as Women's Undergraduate Housing)
Women's Activities – Box 63, FF 56
Women's Studies – Box 67, FF 39-42
American Association of University Women – Box 68, FF 26; Box 116; Box 182; Box 238, FF 12-13
Dean of Women, advisory board and selection – Box 146
Women's Hospital – Box 201
Women's Programs – Box 355, FF 26-36


Office of the Provost. Vice Provost for University Life Women's Oral History Project Records, UPA 6.11
1949-1953, 1980-1983

These records document "the experiences of over 100 prominent female University of Pennsylvania students, administrators, faculty and faculty family members." This project takes the form of biographical materials – i.e. newspaper articles and scrapbooks – as well as tape and cassette interviews of the women in question. Also included are project organizational documents, such as budget estimates, minutes, and interviewer guides.


Online Exhibit: "Women at Penn: Distinguished Early Graduates, Faculty, and Benefactors of the University"

Contains a list of prominent 19th century women at Penn, and gives a brief description of their lives and contributions.