Diversity at the University of Pennsylvania
Administration, Students, and Faculty

Prepared by Melanie Xu, Summer Research Fellow and University of Pennsylvania undergraduate
July 2017

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

The Affirmative Action Program of the University of Pennsylvania
Almanac Supplement (Feb. 17, 1976), UPL 1090.35

This bulletin contains goals, policies, and procedures comprising the University's Affirmative Action Programs. It details grievance procedures, salaries, promotions, and hiring procedures for both academic and non-academic personnel, and also sets numerical goals and time frames for making progress in implementing these policies.


Minority Permanence
UPF 8.5S Box 159, FF 13
October 1992

This 1992 report discusses the University's efforts at becoming a more diverse and inclusive institution, specifically referring to efforts at increasing minority presence on campus, in terms of admissions, recruitment, financial aid, academic support, and fellowships. This document is divided into sections, "Faculty," "Undergraduate Studies," "Graduate and Professional Studies," "Precollege," "Community," and "General Academic and Support Programs."


Minority Permanence, a Retrospective Analysis
Almanac Supplement (May 10, 1994), UPL 1090.35; Also located in UPT 50 D548 Box 15, FF 28
June 1993

This document refers to the progress made on the commitments set forth in Minority Permanence (above), and reflects upon the steps already made and further progress that could be made.


International Students and Personnel, UPL 95.6

This collection contains directories of international students and staff from 1964 to 1976, including home addresses, departments, and majors.

For more on international/exchange students in general, see Office of the President Records (UPA 4):
Box 20, FF 16 – Exchange Students
Box 27, FF 28 – American Council on Emigres Scholars
Box 32, FF 29-31; Box 81, FF 28-30; Box 129; Box 176; Box 180 – Foreign Students
Box 50, FF 32-28 – Foreign Scholars, students, studies, visitors, etc.
Box 84, FF 28 – Bockus International Alumni Society
Box 294, FF 30-Box 297 – Inter-Institutional Cooperation Program


Six Working Papers for Strategic Planning
Almanac Supplement (Jan. 15, 1982), UPL 1090.35

The first section of this document discusses "practical actions that might adopt to increase the number of members of minorities in the faculty and student body." This is divided into "Possible administrative changes," "Faculty Appointment and Promotion Policy," and "Minority Student Presence."


Admissions Policy for the Undergraduate Schools of the University of Pennsylvania
UPA 4 Box 183, FF McGill Report
August 1, 1967

The University's admissions policy establishes diversity as an admissions goal, and lays out qualifications of incoming students. Also sets guidelines for the composition of the incoming class.

See also: Office of the President Records (UPA 4) Box 312, FF 25-28 – Minority Recruitment


Federal Aid to Education (I)
UPA 4 Box 31, FF46

This folder includes records regarding the enrollment of Jewish, Italian, and black students at various medical schools (e.g. Penn, Temple, Jefferson), law schools, and other institutions across Philadelphia from the years 1920 to 1950.



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