Diversity at the University of Pennsylvania

Prepared by Melanie Xu, Summer Research Fellow and University of Pennsylvania undergraduate
July 2017

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

Over time, the University of Pennsylvania has gradually become a more diverse institution, not only in their student body and faculty, but also in their administration, academics, and student organizations. The University Archives and Records Center documents this transition through administrative reports and records, student and alumni activities, campus and popular publications, and personal papers. These materials reflect both the experiences of individuals at Penn and the University’s collective attitudes towards diversity, as well as how that has changed throughout the last century and a half.

This guide is designed to be a jumping-off point for researchers trying to find relevant documents pertaining to diversity at Penn. Materials are sorted into the following categories: Admissions, Centers and Organizations, Women at Penn, Minorities at Penn, and Significant Figures. Entries contain the name of the collection and/or specific documents, the box and filing or folder number, and a short description of the contents. Documents that have been digitized are linked, and may or may not include a box and filing number.