University of Pennsylvania in the Civil War
Philadelphia Society

Prepared by Joseph-James Ahern
November 2010

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

Cornelius Nolen Weygandt Diaries, UPT 50 W547

Cornelius Nolen Weygandt (1832-1907) was a clerk and later cashier with the Western National Bank in Philadelphia. His diaries for the period of the Civil War provide commentary on the secession crisis, Abraham Lincoln in Philadelphia, and the firing on Fort Sumter. Over the next four years his commentary reflects more his daily activities, health, weather, and events at the bank. He does remark on the Gettysburg Campaign, and the events at the close of the war. Interestingly, he has more commentary on events in the Western Theater of 1861 than in the Eastern Theater. The diaries are a good source for social life in Philadelphia during the war (including the opera season starting 1863), and the banking world. Weygandt drilled with an artillery company during the early years, but seems not to have continued.

Box 1, FF 23, Diary, 1861
Diary reflects mostly his day to day activities. Comments on Abraham Lincoln being in Philadelphia and the events at Independence Hall for Washington’s Birthday in February, Fort Sumter in April, and drilling with his artillery company. Gives his hopes for a change on New Year’s Eve. Also comments on changes to banking.

Box 1, FF 24, Diary, 1862 January 1 – September 1
Comments on events – mostly in the west. Continues to comment on work and home. Drilling with artillery company.

Box 1, FF 25, Diary, 1863 January 1 – May 9
Refers to the opera season at the Academy of Music, his personal life, and reading. No discussion of events regarding war.

Box 1, FF 26, Diary, 1863
Small pocket diary. Seems to have switched to this book from the above possibility on account of size. Makes note of Gettysburg Campaign – but not much in the way of commentary. Reflects on books read, work at the bank, and theater attendance.

Box 1, FF 27, Diary, 1864
Very little comment on the war. The majority of entries relate to his personal life principally his courting of Lucy Elmaker Thomas and his activities at the bank.

Box 1, FF 30, Diary, 1865
Comments on the surrender of Lee, Lincoln’s assassination, and funeral.


Alfred Fitler Moore Family Papers, UPT 50 M821

Box 3, FF 5, William F. Moore Diary, 1864-1865
Fragment of a diary kept by William F. Moore, who was involved in the family wire business, that has mostly work and social commentary.


Clark and Madeira Family Papers, UPT 50 C592

Box 1, FF 16 Edward White Clark Diary, 1863 January 1 – September 11
Personal diary kept by Clark who was senior partner of the banking firm E. W. Clark and Company. Entries primarily comments on social activities and weather. Clark does comment on Gettysburg, and a friend wounded in the battle. Also notes visit to U.S. Colored Regiment in West Philadelphia.


Robert Dechert Family Papers, UPT 50 D293

Box 3, FF 15, Dechert, Henry Martyn Minute Book – West Philadelphia Guard, 1861-1862
Minute book for the formation of a militia company based in West Philadelphia for the defense of the city during the “present crisis” for which Henry Martyn Dechert was a member. The minute book details rules for the organization of the unit, uniform, officers, and by-laws. Many notable residents of the area are mentioned – including Anthony Drexel.