University of Pennsylvania in the Civil War
Student Life

Prepared by Joseph-James Ahern
November 2010

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

George Davis Budd Papers, UPT 50 B927

George Davis Budd (1843-1874) was a member of the Class of 1862. This small collection documents student life on campus during the early years of the war, including the Zelosophic Society. The collection contains his memoirs of 4 years at the Penn, which mentions drilling in the Light Infantry.


Frazer Family Papers, UPT 50 F848

Box 15, FF 15, Persifor Frazer Class of 1862
Material relates to class reunions in 1885, 1901, and 1904. Also included are images of the faculty, janitor, and class members along with an identification list.

Box 15, FF 16, Persifor Frazer Class of 1862, Book Proofs
Proofs for reunion book which contains images of class, including an original of Frederick Dick, Janitor.


Office of the Provost. C.C. Harrison Records, UPA 6.2H

Box 5, FF 27, Accounts of Expenses for Clothing, 1860-1861
A hand written account of payment for clothing while a student in the Class of 1862.

Box 5, FF 28, Student Papers and reports, 1858-1862
Papers written by Harrison while at the University, and reports of his class standing.


Dean of Student Affairs Disciplinary Records, 1829-1865, UPE 5.45

Box 1, Folder 6
The letters are mostly from students and their families to the dean acknowledging misbehavior by the student and asking for re-admittance to the University.


Zelosophic Society, UPS 44.2

Box 3, FF 1, Minutes, February 1854 – June 1864
The minutes record the debates and activities of the Society. Pre-Civil War debate topics included "Is the fugitive slave law in accordance with the Constitution?" in 1854 and "Is it right or wrong to hang 'Old Brown'" in 1859. In 1860 other debates focused on a standing army, political parties, who should elect the president. Overall, the minutes review the meetings of the Society, and while they do debate topics of relevance the full debate is not presented, nor are comments made regarding events during the war.

Box 4, FF 10 & 11, Roll books
Provides a list of names of members with some addresses.

Box 4, FF 19, Committee Reports and Resolutions, 1851-1872
Details basic upkeep material for the Society.

Box 5, FF 8, General activities, programs, 1862-1865
Programs of activities.

Box 6, FF 21 – 27, The Zelosophic Review, 1861 – 1865
Handwritten "magazine" of the society. As with other aspects of the society some topics touch on the war, others are more broad. Also includes reviews of the meetings, and at times hand drawn illustrations.


The Record, UPM 7100

1863 and 1865
First published yearbooks of the College of the University of Pennsylvania. Record of College life includes membership in the University Light Infantry and comments about the Union victory at the end of the Civil War.


Alumni Register, UPM 8115

Vol. 17, No. 8, 1915
"The Commencement of 1863 and the University in the Civil War" by James W. Ashton, pp. 593-600.
Alumnus recounts his take on the commencement of 1863 and the events of Gettysburg on Philadelphia and the College.

"Some Recollections of College Days at the University of Pennsylvania During the American Civil War, 1861-1865" by William Brook Rawle, pp. 600-611.
Author provides comments on, as a member of the Class of ’63, his experience during the war on campus and in the military. Mentions those from various classes who served, and at the end discusses the lack of a memorial to former alumni who served.


General Magazine, UPM 8115

Vol. 31, No. 3, 1929
"The Class of '62" by Charles C. Harrison, pp. 341-344
Harrison’s recollection of the Class of 1862, along with a page of images of members of the class.

"Four Years at the University of Pennsylvania: A History of the Class of 1862, College" by George Davis Budd, pp. 345-396.
Publication of George Davis Budd's memoir recounting his time as a student of the University, printed posthumously and edited most likely by Charles C. Harrison.