University of Pennsylvania in the Civil War
College Administration

Prepared by Joseph-James Ahern
November 2010

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

General Administration Records, UPA 3

Boxes 13 and 14
Contains chronologically arranged records for the University during the Civil War period – mostly student lists, grades, expenses of the University, and student petitions to the trustees related to military instruction. There are also photographs of the faculty in 1862.


College Faculty Minutes, UPB 1.1

Box 1, FF 10, 1856 – 1861; FF 11, 1862-1869
The Faculty Minute books record the events which relate to the students of the University – namely examinations, applications, dismissals, and disciplinary actions. The minutes also refer to students called into military service and their status, matters related to the University Cadets – including military instruction and drill, and appointment of officers. References are also made to students absent during the Battle of Gettysburg, students who died during military service, the Great Central Sanitary Fair, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.


Trustees Committee Minutes, UPA 1.5

Box 1, Minute Book of Committee on the Department of Arts (College), 1857- 1866, 1867, 1882-1889, 1894-1919
This Minute Book records meetings for the period around the Civil War, and has minimum entries in general. The business discussed relates to general University business, and in particular mentions a report on Secret Societies.

Box 1, Minute Book of Committee on the Academy and Charity School, 1857-1862.
The minutes reflect the basic operation of the Academy and Charity School.

Box 1, Minute Book of the Committee of Ways and Means, 1857-1889, 1891-1894.
The minutes relate to the financial matters of the University, and make reference to appropriations to Professor Henry Coppee for his military instruction.


Board of Trustees Minutes, UPA 1.1

Volume 10, 1852-1869
The minutes document the activities of the Board of Trustees in the operation of the University. While no mention of the war is made, it does document the administrative activities of the Institution.