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Publications of the
Students, Alumni and Outside Organizations


Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.


The publications under this heading fall into the following categories:

  • UPM 1-999 General Student Periodicals
  • UPM 1000's Student Publications (Special School or Groups)
  • UPM 4000-4999 Women's Student Publications
  • UPM 7000-7999 Yearbooks
  • UPM 8000-8999 Alumni Publications
  • UPM 9000-9499 Non-University Publications Relating to the University-Serials

A detailed list of the University Archives' holdings of publications pertaining to students, alumni and outside organizations is available on-line in PDF format (24 pages, 60 kb).

Click here for directions on how to read, search and print PDF files.