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Decorative Arts and Memorabilia

The University Archives holds over 150 feet of decorative art objects and memorabilia. These are found not only in the University Memorabilia Collection, but also in smaller collections of memorabilia and art objects. Other collections in the University Archives sometimes include a few items of memorabilia and art objects along with many other types of items.

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

Memorabila collections with guides available on-line:

Photograph of pin in the shape of a waving Pennsylvania pennant, c. 1895

University Memorabilia Collection

Photograph of Howard Van Locke and friend in University dorm room with pennants on the wall, c. 1910

Howard Van Locke Memorabilia Collection


On-line exhibits of memorabilia:

Detail of postcard, c. 1905, depicting a young woman carrying a Penn pennant

Postcards: Penn College Girls

Detail of photograph of Towne silver, top of urn

Towne Silver:
Presentation to Dean Eduardo D. Glandt

Photograph of demitasse cup showing drawing of Bennett Hall

University of Pennsylvania China